We have been offering a large scale of services related to genealogy and genealogical trips ever since 2003. We work individually with every client and assist them according to their needs. We believe that my strengths are flexibility and understanding of differences between the cultures in the USA and in Europe.

We are able to communicate in five different languages: Czech, English, German, French, and Russian. While visiting a foreign country that speaks a language that you do not understand, you can remain on the surface of international restaurants and hotels or you can accept our invitation to dig deeper and gain the most out of your trip.


Rev. Jan Dus is a professional genealogist and a Presbyterian minister, who has studied in Czechoslovakia, United States and Germany. Jan offers a variety of services related to genealogical research and trips to ancestral villages. He has provided research to more than 500 clients.

Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International 2015, St. Paul, MN