Debi Stewart

I requested his services in taking me to my ancestral village. He was invaluable on this and being able to connect with relatives and visiting churches and villages. After returning to the USA, he has continued to do research for me, translations, handling money exchange, correspondence. He is very proficient in communicating in both English and Czech - in all areas of reading, writing, and verbal communications.
His living in the US has given him an excellent ability to communicate and comprehend in all forms.
Debi Stewart

Frank and Jan Sedivy

We got Jan’s name and services through Koreny - the journal of The Czech and Slovak American Genealogy Society of Illinois. It worked out to be the best thing we did. All of my husband’s grandparents came from the Czech Republic. We sent all the information that we had to Jan he did all the research. And on July 15, 2008 we went to Prague. We got to see the villages and homes where two grandfathers and one grandmother were born. Also got to see churches where both grandfathers were christened. On our next visit we will go visit the village of the last grandmother as we know the name of the village. Jan is the best.
He is so kind and thoughtful even when I and my sister wanted to shop. We are really looking forward to our next trip with Jan.
Thank you Jan, with kind regards Frank and Jan Sedivy

Kathy Roushar Jorgenson

I highly recommend Jan’s services. He is thorough, knowledgeable, prompt, extremely accommodating and a pleasure to be with.
Kathy Roushar Jorgenson

J. Donald Musil

Rev. Jan provided my transport (including picking me up at the airport), being my tour guide and acting as my
translator, making tour arrangements (including hotels), and genealogical research as needed in advance of my
trip. His attention to my personal needs on the trip was gratifying. I am pleased to recommend his services to any
needing any assistance in their research or contemplated visit to Czech Republic (or Slovakia).
J. Donald Musil

Karen Foot Minnetonka

Our group was privileged to have Jan Dus as our guide during a recent trip to Central Europe. He proved to be an outstanding tour leader. Fluent in several languages, knowledgeable in social, political economic and religious history, he added depth and breadth to all our activities during the two weeks we were with him.
Jan is organized, efficient, hard working, gracious and personable, as well as humorous. We had a lot of fun with him. I would want him as our tour leader on any future trips our group plans.
Karen Foot Minnetonka, MN USA