Sister Cecilia Fandel Ladysmith

Three years ago, I enlisted the help of Rev. Jan Dus to find the records that would tell the history of the Haasl family in Bohemia. I am more than satisfied with the results of the meticulous and thorough research he has done for me. In addition the questions I have asked, and the terms that begged for understanding so that I really knew how they lived in the 1600, 1700, and 1800’s have given me a deeper appreciation for the heritage that is ours.
 I have shared with many people our heritage, and now I am in the process of putting it in book form for family, relatives. Rev. Dus will be mentioned in the credits and acknowledgements. Without hesitation I would recommend and encourage anyone who is serious about finding their roots to enlist the help of Rev. Jan.
Thank you,
Sister Cecilia Fandel Ladysmith, Wisconsin, USA

Bob Kukla

After using two other ancestry researchers in CZ, I was referred to Jan Dus by a friend in the Chicago area. I
provided background information and Jan completed the research for me. I used e-mail the whole time.
He got right on the job, traveled to the information sources, found the information I needed, and reported to me. He
even corrected some of the information I had gotten earlier from other sources.
He was fair in his charging and communicated with me during the process.
When he hit a brick wall, he told me so, rather than trying to prolong the investigation.
I can highly recommend Jan's work and character.
Feel free to contact me directly if you wish.
Bob Kukla
Frisco, TX

John G. Sayler

For quite some time I considered contacting someone to complete family research for me in the Czech Republic. My mother's father's family ancestors had emigrated from Bohemia to the United States more than 100 years ago in 1891, and although we had always been told they came to join other family already living in Kansas, no one in our family had proof that this was true.
Needless to say I had several reservations about working with someone that I did not know. I was also concerned´that the quality of research would not be what I needed and would cost me more than it was worth. When reading an issue of Nase rodina, a newsletter from the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International, I had noticed advertisements from individuals offering to complete research in the Czech and Slovak Republic. I emailed Rev. Jan and asked questions that I had concerning how he did his work and if he would be able to assist me. Included with positive responses to all of my questions were comments from other clients pleased with research that had been completed for them.I was convinced that Rev. Jan would be able to assist me with my quest for family research and since that time I have been very pleased with the quality of the level of detail and references provided for all of the family documentation provided.
It has been extremely exciting to discover facts about my mother's family that we did not know and never would have known without the efforts of Rev. Jan.
John G. Sayler
Lawrence KS

Fred C Pesek Jr

I have been working with Jan Dus for the past three years. I am researching my family name and the relatives of my great grandfather and great grandmother on both sides of my great grand parents. Jan has done an excellent job in assisting me in my research and found many missing links. We continue to have a working relationship as my research is not complete.
His fees are reasonable and he is easily accessible via e-mail. I was given the privilege to visit the Czech Republic in 2003 as part of my research before I met Jan on the inter net. I hope to return to the Czech Republic one day to see the villages of my ancestors and of course meet Jan who made all it possible. If there is further information required please contact me at
Fred C Pesek Jr

John Wilson

We enthusiastically recommend Rev. Jan Dus to you as a genealogical researcher and translator in the Czech Republic. We have found his dealings with us fair, honest and responsive to our research requests. His work is meticulously done. He has completed one research for John Wilson and another for John Wilson and myself. He is currently doing a second research request for John Wilson.
John Wilson                     Janet Beranek Hume
Fort Dodge, Iowa             Moscow, Idaho, USA