Marilyn Vydra

Our family recently came into the possession of several letters written in the “old Czech” language, sometimes mixed with the Croatian and Yugoslavian language. All of the letters are hand-written, which added to the challenge of translation.
Rev. Jan Dus not only translated them, but also provided a series of brief comments on each letter which helped clarify the contents. I would recommend Rev. Jan to anyone who is in need of someone to translate old letters.
Without a doubt, he is a professional and employs a scholarly approach to a task of this nature.
Marilyn Vydra Springfield, MO


His first language is Czech, but he is also fluent in English, German and French and colloquial in Russian and Spanish. He spoke at CGSI conferences in Cleveland (2009), St. Louis (2011) and Chicago (2013) as well as other events in the U.S.

Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International 2015, St. Paul, MN